Innovative Healthcare

Innovative Healthcare

Healthcare institutions have come to rely increasingly on information technology systems (PACS, HIS, RIS) for the flawless and efficient management of people, assets, and processes, and the demand for the seamless integration between all of these has never been greater.
In response to this need we use our know-how in system integration specifically for the healthcare sector, providing state-of-the-art measurable value-adding solutions. Healthcare organizations that chose Telelink for their trusted provider already see the benefits of the seamlessly integrated solutions: better control on costs, improved patient safety, high-quality team-based care and care coordination, hospital wide visibility on assets, inventories, medical personnel, and patients; better operational efficiency, and hence better experience for both employees and patients.

We provide the following set of solutions:

•    Medical Grade Network. Extremely fast, low-latency network, incorporating the regulatory requirements for privacy and medical data security, while converging data, voice, and video, offering efficient collaboration between different parties in hospital environment anytime, on any device.
•    Medical Grade Storage & Server Infrastructure. State-of-the-art centralized repository that securely transfers, processes, and stores large volumes of data, created by healthcare applications (e.g. PACS, HIS, RIS, etc.), with the use of proven virtualization solutions to efficiently utilize the deployed equipment.
•    Vendor Neutral Archive. VNA is a medical imaging technology in which images and documents are stored in unified and standardized format (e.g. DICOM), making them accessible by any other relevant system or device. The archive can connect with existing PACS systems within the hospital or group of hospitals, take the medical images and information, transform them into DICOM, and store them either on hospital premises or in a secure cloud (e.g. Microsoft Azure), ensuring information is protected and securely accessible on any device. This leads to transforming the departmental information silos into a centralized information sharing platform.
•    Real-Time Location System (RTLS). Used for locating assets, patients, and medical personnel in real-time by using pure cost-efficient RFID technology combined with state-of-the art location algorithms letting hospitals keeping track on personnel hygiene, patient visitations, location, usage of medical equipment and assets, inventory levels, and many others. The system saves time and delivers knowledge and insights that were previously unobtainable, by correlating the different pieces of information with one another.
•    Sectra Table and Sectra Education Portal. Medical education and clinical training can be brought to a completely new level with Sectra Table – an interactive learning and teaching tool that uses real anatomy and clinical cases to develop critical thinking in clinical training by providing clinical insight, complete set of medical imaging tools, real-time 3D rendering from 2D images, and real-life collaboration. The Table provides additional education tools such as 3D Anatomy Atlas and VH Dissector.
Sectra Education Portal is a cloud platform that allows medical universities and professors to access, store, and share real clinical cases with their students – from their own medical practice and hospital or from other hospitals around the globe, which already shared their cases with the world. While sharing cases patient privacy is fully protected by anonymizing each patient’s personal and facial data. Download Sectra Table & Portal brochure.
•    Remote Visitations. This is a robotic system managed remotely, which allows doctors to communicate live with patients and colleagues from distance. The robot is about 1.20 meters tall and moves smoothly and quietly in the hallways, doctors’ offices, and hospital rooms. It is equipped with a screen that visualizes the doctor’s face and has built-in loudspeakers to hear the doctor’s voice. With Remote Visitations busy medical professionals cut the distance and provide personal touch between patients and doctors, which helps patients feel relaxed and cared for.
•    Interactive Patient Care. It provides patients with high-quality entertainment and communication services at their bedside, while involving and empowering them in the health process through education, information, and feedback. Interactive Patient Care provides next generation services, such as electronic meal ordering, easy EMR access, access to bedside documentation on any screen, etc., in order to improve the productivity of the medical personnel and the comfort of the patient.
•    Non-Invasive Patient Monitoring. Comfortable wearable devices with integrated sensors for heart rate, blood oxygenation, hydration, temperature, movement, etc., used for collecting and processing biometric data in real-time, leading to personalized, proactive, data-driven treatment of patients.



Some of our key projects:


  • In 2009 we won a contract with a Bulgarian Ministry for the deployment and the development of a communication system on the basis of managed services for the introduction of the common European Emergency number 112 in Bulgaria. The project included delivery and integration of a communication infrastructure with 99.98% availability, in order to integrate the universal phone number, while strictly complying with the EU regulations for reliable and secure transfer of voice and data over 200 points all over the country. We provided 24x7x365 monitoring and management of the network, and to this day we still do.
  • In 2012 we designed and implemented a highly secure server infrastructure in a Bulgarian institution. The project included procedures for plannind, design, and integration of Cisco servers and network infrastructure, EMC SAN solutions, and VMware virtualization software. The server and the SAN infrastructure were completely virtualized, leading to a system, which is independent of the underlying hardware. We support the deployed hardware under SLA level of 24x7x4.
  • In 2013 we completed a first of its kind project in the field of Telemedicine in Bulgaria. The solution connected three teams of leading experts in thoracic surgery and pathology located in three different hospital - two in Sofia and one in Varna, who performed a surgery to remove breast cancer without the physical presence of all the specialists on-site. This solution is considered the foundation for the future development of the Telehealth Systems in Bulgaria.
  • In 2015 we completed a project for one of the biggest hospitals in Bulgaria to consolidate their server infrastructure and deploy VDI (Vitrual Desktop Infrastructure) solution.
  • Also in 2015 we integrated a comprehensive IT infrastructure Solution for one of the most modern oncology hospitals in the country and the region. The project included construction of a medical grade hospital network, IP telephony, WiFi connectivity and server solution based on Cisco solutions, a storage solution based on EMC, and a modern system for interactive patient care provided by Barco.
  • In 2016 we designed, implemented, integrated a solution for Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration, Cisco WiFi infrastructure, access control system, video surveillance system, and Cisco TelePresence solution for one of the biggest private hospitals in Bulgaria.