Partnering with Top Innovators

Partnering with Top Innovators
29 February 2016

Telelink amazed the attendees of the 11th National Conference on eHealth demonstrating the one of its kind medical visualization table. David Wallsten, Head of Business Development at Sectra, and Miroslav Gechev, Business Development Manager at Telelink, performed an impressive live demo of the solution, featuring a high-quality sensor display, intuitive interface and latest generation integrated PACS system (awarded as Best in KLAS 2015-16). The table allows any medical professional to easily examine, research, and diagnose a patient using extremely detailed 3D images, rendered automatically from the real clinical cases taken either from medical institution’s local PACS system or through the Sectra Education Portal.
Sectra Education Portal is a cloud based solution available for teachers, students and doctors that provides access to real clinical cases from all over the world. The portal is a complete training platform suitable for any medical university or university hospital, distant learning or learning from home, so a doctor or a student can open their clinical case from any Sectra table, laptop or mobile device.
Sectra visualization table adds an immense value, developing both doctors’ and students’ critical thinking, allowing them to take patient care to a whole new level. Therefore, the Table and the Portal are suitable for both medical universities and colleges, as well as for university and private hospitals that want to be leaders in what they do: in medical education, preoperative planning, orthopedics, anatomy labs, simulation centers, surgery, veterinary medicine, etc.
The conference was the place where Telelink and Sectra announced their strategic partnership for Bulgaria and the region, making Telelink Sectra’s Certified Solution Provider of the unique medical IT solution.
We shared once again our passion for high quality innovative IT solutions that have real value, thus helping medical specialists, professionals, and leaders in medicine bringing healthcare to a much higher level.
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